F-20: Wireless Connect

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Roland has created two musical apps specifically aimed at making practicing the piano more enjoyable for students.  Thanks to its wireless connect feature, the Roland F-20 piano is compatible with these apps – making the piano even easier to use and more fun to practice.

In order to connect wirelessly, you will need two things: an iOS device, like an iphone, ipad or ipod touch, and the Roland WNA 1100-RL wireless USB adapter, which is sold separately.

Here is the procedure to connect wirelessly:

1) Plug in your WNA 1100-RL USB adapter.

2) While holding down the “KEY TOUCH” and “PIANO” buttons, press the “D3” piano key (refer to the picture at the bottom. It is right after "C3").  This will activate the “Ad-Hoc ON” setting.  

4) On the iPhone or iPad that you want to connect, go to settings, and enter the Wi-Fi menu.

5) From there, select the “F-20” network to make the connection.

6) A password entry screen will appear; at which point you should enter the password “f20ak”.  

7) To close the Ad-Hoc connection, restore the iPhone settings to their previous status.

Please note: iOS devices connected in Ad-Hoc mode will be unable to communicate with the Internet or with another wireless device. However, an iPhone, or any other wireless device that has cellular capability, will be able to connect to Internet via the cellular connection.

Once you have connected your iOS device wirelessly to your Roland piano, you can enjoy playing with the Roland apps through the F-20 piano.  With the Piano Partner app, there is a content browser menu that allows you to access all of the tones and rhythms from a friendly, easy-to-use interface. This is especially beneficial when using the Roland F-20, as it makes accessing new tones and rhythms much easier.

Piano Partner App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/piano-partner/id548199374