Juno-G: Sending a Drum Tone out its Own Output

Tags: tones,output,drum,juno-g
1. Press the RHYTHM category button and use the Value DIAL to select the rhythm kit you wish to edit. Press ENTER to select the kit.

2. Press PATCH in the EDIT section.

3. Press 7/15 [PRO EDIT].

4. Use the 3/11 [GRP ^] and the 4/12 [GRP V] buttons to select the OUTPUT screen (should say OUTPUT in the upper left had corner of the screen).

5. Make sure the Rhythm Out parameter is set to TONE.

6. Press the key corresponding to the Tone you want to send out its own output, then change TONE OUT from MFX to an individual output (A,B, 1, 2, 3, or 4).