FP-7F: Transposing The FP-7F

Tags: transpose,fp-7f
Use the following procedure to transpose the FP-7F.

1. Hold down the TRANSPOSE button until the Transpose window appears on the display.

2. While continuing to hold down the TRANSPOSE button, use the -/+ buttons to set the desired transpose amount.

3. Release the TRANSPOSE button. The TRANSPOSE button is now lit to show that transposition is active.

4. To turn off the Transpose feature, press the TRANSPOSE button so it's not lit.

Caution: The FP-7F remembers the transposition value you've set until you turn the FP-7F off, or until you select a new transposition value. This allows you to "pre-set" a transpose value ahead of time, and then turn it on it as you need it by pressing TRANSPOSE so it lights.