GT-8: The FX Chain (Effects Chain)

Tags: position,move,gt-8
Changing the order of effects is done within the “FX
Chain” of the GT-8. Positioning an effect before or
after another can significantly change the character
of a patch. Use the following steps to move an effect
within the FX Chain:

1. Press the FX CHAIN button.

2. Press PARAMETER < > to place the stick-figure
cursor at the location to which you want to
move an effect.

3. Once you've chosen the desired position, press
the button belonging to the effect you want to

4. Repeat Steps 2-3 for any other effects you'd like
to re-position.

5. When you're finished, press EXIT to return to the
main (play) menu. If you want to save the settings, follow the steps in "Patch Write" (Saving a Patch) in this help desk.