BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Copying a Track (Track Copy)

Tags: loop,track,copy,data,end,start,from,to

The following article will guide you using the Track Copy function of the BR-1600CD.



  1. Press UTILITY
  2. CURSOR to TRACK and then ENTER.
  3. CURSOR to COPY and then ENTER.
  4. Under SOURCE, turn the dial to enter the track and virtual track you want to copy. For example: If you would like to copy Track 9/10 Virtual 1, you would select "9/10 -1".

  5. CURSOR to the right to DEST.(destination).
  6. Turn the dial to select your destination track and virtual track.

  7. Press F1 (DISP. FMT.) to switch the view between Measures, Time or Markers on the right side of the screen.

  8. Cursor to the right side of the screen and use the TIME/VALUE dial to specify the START, END, TO and FROM points. 

  9. START (Start Point): The starting location of the section of audio data to be copied.
    END (End Point): The ending location of the section of audio data to be copied.
    TO (To Point): The location of the copy destination--where it will be copied to.
    TIMES:(Copy Times): Specifies the number of copies (1-99).
    FROM (From Point): Set this to the same location as the "START" point.
  10. Press F4(GO) to execute the copy.