DR-5: Setting the MIDI Channel

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The DR-5 can send and receive on 4 MIDI channels (DR, T1, T2, and T3). Use the following procedure to assign the MIDI channels:

1. Hold SHIFT/ERASE and press MIDI/M7(9).

2. Use the buttons to select "MIDIch" (DR, T1, T2 or T3 should be blinking in the screen).

3. Use the TEMPO/DATA dial to select the part you wish to edit (DR, T1, T2, or T3).

4. Press the > button once and use the TEMPO/DATA dial to select the desired MIDI channel.

5. Hold SHIFT/ERASE and press PTN/6 to return to the Pattern mode.

Note: The DR-5 uses the following defaults:

DR (drums)= MIDI channel 10

T1 (track 1)= MIDI channel 1

T2 (track 2)= MIDI channel 2

T3 (track 3)= MIDI channel 3