DR-670: Deleting the Bass Part from a User Pattern

Tags: erase,remove,dr-670
Here's how to delete the Bass part permanently from a user pattern.

1. Choose a desired User pattern that you would like to delete the Bass part out of (201-400).

2. Press the BASS button to select the Bass part- "BASS" appears in the upper right corner of the display.

3. Hold SHIFT and press Pad 6(TOM2)/PATTERN EDIT.

4. Press REC and then press Start - the pattern begins playing.

5. While holding the SHIFT button down (continuously), press and release the numeric key button 2 (DELETE), and then press any one of the (black) drum pads (i.e.- SNARE). While the pattern is playing, you will be deleting the bass part for as long as you're pressing the drum pad.

6. When you're finished, press STOP.

7. Hold SHIFT and press Pad 5(TOM1)"Pattern Play" to return to play mode.