HPD-10: Controlling a HiHat sound with an External Footswitch

Tags: setup,pedal,hpd-10
With the use of a footswitch (BOSS FS-5U or Roland DP-2), it's possible to control the open/close sound of a hihat. Use the following steps to setup and assign the hihat sounds in the HPD-10:

Connect one end of a standard [mono] instrument cable to the footswitch, and the opposite end to the FOOT SW input on the back panel of the HPD-10.

1. Hold SHIFT and press EDIT.

2. Press CURSOR down to select "EXT TRIG."

3. Press CURSOR right to select "MODE."

4. Press CURSOR down to select "TYPE."

5. Press the ( - ) button to select "FOOTSW."

6. Press CURSOR down once to select "Polarity."

7. Press the + button to select "+".

8. Press CURSOR down to select "Ctrl."

9. Press + or - to select HH-CTRL.

10. Press KIT to exit.

Next, you need to setup the HiHat instruments in a Kit;

1. Choose a desired Kit to edit.

2. Press EDIT - "Inst" appears in the display.

3. Press CURSOR right once.

4. Hit the pad that you'd like to have a hihat instrument assigned to.

5. Press + or - to choose "334: AcuHH2."

6. Step on the footswitch.

7. Press + or - to choose "333: AcuHH ft."

8. Press KIT when you're finished.

The footswitch is now setup to control a HiHat sound in the Kit that you chose above.
Note: It's not possible to use the FD-8 Hihat pedal with the HPD-10.