RS-50: Using the Phrase/Arpeggio Feature

Tags: rs-50
The Phrase/Arpeggio feature plays musical motifs and figures based on the note(s) you hold down.

1. Select a patch as previously described.

2. Press PHRASE/ARPEGGIO so it’s lit.

3. Use the VALUE -/+ buttons to select a phrase or arpeggio.

4. Hold down one or more notes on the keyboard—the selected phrase or arpeggio plays.

Note: A “phrase” is a musical motif that’s triggered by holding down a single note—“Phr” appears in the display as it plays. An “arpeggio” requires that more than one note be held down, and is shown as “Arp” in the display.

5. Press PHRASE/ARPEGGIO so it’s not lit when you’re finished.