Using Xtalk Cancel to Prevent False Triggering

Tags: td-4,td-4s,td-4sx,td-4kx2,td-4k2
If you find that striking one pad is causing another pad to sound, you may be experiencing "crosstalk." Here's how to fix it.

1. Press MENU.

2. Press the SEL buttons to get to "Pad Settings," and then press OK.

3. On the Pad Settings screen, press the SEL button a number of times to choose “Advanced Edit,” and then press the OK button—the Pad Advanced screen appears.

4. Use the SEL buttons to select "Xtalk Cancel."

5. Strike the pad that's being unintentionally triggered.

6. Turn the -/+ dial to increase the Xtalk Cancel value just high enough to resolve the false triggering. (If you set it too high, the pad may not sound when you strike it.)

7. When you're done, press the OK button to return to the MENU screen.