HPD-15: Creating a Patch Chain

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Patch Chain allows you to scroll through the patches of your choice in a specific order. The HPD-15 lets you create and store 10 chains with up to 32 steps in each. Use the following steps to setup a Patch Chain:

1. Press CHAIN so it is lit.

2. Press EDIT so it is lit.

3. Press the GROUP (-) button to select chain # 1 if necessary.

4. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired patch that will be used first in the chain.

5. Press the PATCH NUMBER ^ (up) button to move to the next step.

6. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the next patch.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 for the remainder of the chain.

8. Press EXIT, and you will return to Chain Play mode.

9. Now turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to scroll through your new chain.

10. When you are finished with Chain Mode press EXIT.