XV-88: Selecting and Auditioning Patches.

Tags: xv-88
The XV-88 comes packed with over 1100 patches, and can be expanded to over 1700
patches using optional expansion boards. The Patch Finder makes it easy to
locate sounds you need by grouping them into 38 categories (Piano, Brass, Synth
Bass, etc.). Use the following procedure to select patches using the Patch

1. Press PATCH, then press PATCH FINDER so it's lit.
2. CURSOR up or down to select a category.
3. Turn the VALUE dial to select a patch in the currently selected category.
4. Play the keyboard, or press PHRASE PREVIEW to hear a short phrase with the
selected sound.
5. To exit, press PATCH FINDER so it’s not lit.

Note: You’ll notice that Phrase Preview plays a sequence appropriate to each
sound category.