VS-2480: How to Import Songs from an Audio CD onto Tracks

Tags: cd,import,track,disc

The CD Capture function on the VS-2480 and VS-2480CD allows a track on a standard 'Red Book'audio CD to be extracted to any pair of tracks.
NOTE:All CDs that are playing in CD players are stereo (left and right channels). Because of this, audio imported from a CD onto the VS-2480 will be imported onto two tracks.

1. Press the CD-RW MASTERING button.

2. Press PAGE to display "CDCapt" above F1.

3. Press F1 to enter the CD Capture Screen.

4. CURSOR to the "L-Ch and R-Ch Destination" boxes and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the tracks and v-tracks that will receive the audio.

5. CURSOR to the "Capture To" box and use the TIM/VALUE dial to choose the location on the timeline to place the audio.

6. If you don't want to capture the entire song, use the "CD Capture Offset and Length" boxes to trim the beginning and end of the selected track.

7. CURSOR to "CD Track" and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired track on the CD to capture.

8. Press F5 (OK), followed by ENTER/YES.

*Your project must be at 44.1kHz for CD Capture to work.