VS-880: Write Multiple Songs to CD using the Disk at Once Method

Tags: cd,vs-880,audio,disc,write,at,once
Use the following procedure to write multiple songs to disk:

1. Record the stereo mixes of your songs (back-to-back on a stereo pair of tracks) into a single VS-880 song. The total number of your songs cannot be more than 99, and the total time can not be more than 74 minutes.

2. If necessary, use the VS-880's track editing tools to change song order and the space between tracks - Track 1 on the CD will automatically start at 00:00:00 on the VS-880.

3. Set up the remaining Track Numbers by locating to the point you want the track number to change, then press and hold SONG and TAP. If you make an error while writing a CD Track Marker, press and hold CLEAR and press TAP - the closest CD marker will be erased.

4. Place a blank Recordable Compact Disc in the CD Recorder.

5. Press the SONG button until the display reads "CD-R Write?". Press YES.

6. "Store Current?" is displayed. Press YES to store changes in the current song, or press NO to continue.

7. You’ll see a message in the display "- SCANNING CD-R -" as the VS-880 looks for and identifies the CD Recorder. If multiple CD-R Drives are connected to the VS-880, use the jogwheel to select the SCSI ID number of the drive you wish to use.

8. The display will read "Disc at Once?". Press YES.

9. The display will read "L=7-1 / R=8-1". Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the track that will be used for the CD-R left track.

10. Press ENTER/YES. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the track that will be used for the CD-R right track.

11. Press CURSOR right - "CD Speed =" is displayed. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the DC writing speed.

12. Press CURSOR right - "Wriet+Fin. Sure?" is displayed. Press YES.

13. The display will read "CD Track No. OK?". Press YES.
14. The display will read "Obey Copyrights?". Carefully read License Agreement in the Owner’s Manual if you agree with the terms, then press YES. If you press NO, the CD Write
is canceled.

NOTE: The Converting Process
The VS-880 display will show "Converting". During this process, the VS converts its own unique file format to the Red Book CD File Format. It is creating the image file on the IDE drive. The image file will automatically be erased from the IDE drive when the CD recording is completed. This takes about twice the time of the recorded project.

NOTE: CD-R Writing
After the Converting process is complete, the VS-880 display will show "CD-R Writing x %". At this time, the data is being transferred directly to the CD Recorder. The writing is done at the speed chosen in step 11. Since the "Disc at Once" method was chosen, no further recordings can be added.

15. When CD recording is completed, the VS-880 will read "Write Another?". This gives you a chance to make additional copies of the same CD. If you want to write another, put in a new CD-R disk, and press YES.