SI-24: Initialization steps for the SI-24 when using Logic RPC Pro

Tags: reset,factory,initialize,si-24
When using the Logic RPC Pro software, follow these steps to reset the SI-24 back to the factory defaults.

1. Power up the SI-24 while holding down the CH SELECT and STATUS button above the Channel 2 fader. This should cause most or all of the buttons on the top surface to light up.

2. Power down the SI-24, wait approximately 20 seconds, then power it up again.

3. Power up the host computer, then open the RPC-1 Control Panel.

4. Select the "Hardware Settings" tab and make sure that the MASTER CLOCK is set to internal, then choose the desired sample rate.

5. Select the "Patchbay Router" tab and make sure that each of the RBUS OUTs are set to "WAV OUT x/x".

6. Select the "Monitor Mixer" tab and raise all the faders to 0 db. Set all Pans left and right respectively. Uncheck all boxes except for STEREO LINK which is located at the bottom of the window.

7. Using the scroll bar at the bottom of the of the Monitor Mixer window, scroll completely to the right and repeat step 6.

8. Verify signal by inputting audio into one of the SI-24 input channels (1-8). The corresponding meter in the Monitor Mixer window should now show that audio is being processed.