DUO-CAPTURE EX, UA-22: SYMPTOM: iPad Does Not Recognize the DUO-CAPTURE EX

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The following information will help you troubleshoot in the event that your iPad does not recognize the DUO-CAPTURE EX:

    Be sure that the COMPUTER tab on the back of the DUO-CAPTURE EX is set to “TAB” and not "44.1" or "48". If this needs to be changed, turn off the DUO-CAPTURE EX, change the switch to TAB and then turn the DUO-CAPTURE EX back on.

  2. POWER
    If you're using batteries, try brand new, Alkaline or Ni-MH batteries unused batteries. Lithiums or any other battery type are not compatible.
    If you're using a power supply, be sure that you're using a Roland PSB-120 or PSB-1U power supply only. 3rd party power supplies can cause the unit to not operate properly.
    Note: The DUO-CAPTURE EX cannot be bus powered when connected to an iPad and/or a power hub. USB bus power can be used only with a computer.

    Try a different USB cable connecting the DUO-CAPTURE EX to the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit or Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.
    Note: Due to low quality manufacturing, 3rd party camera connection kits may cause issues such as noise or inconsistent connectivity. Because of this, we recommend using Apple branded camera connection kits only.

    Be sure that you have updated the iPad to the latest version of iOS.