MC-909: Using the MC-909 as a Sound Module

Tags: remote,midi,sound,synth,mc-909,keyboard,module
By default, any device sending MIDI data to the MC-909 will trigger only the currently selected part on the PATCH PLAY screen. This way, if you wish to simply add a keyboard controller, you'll always be playing the right sound.

If you want to individually access all sixteen parts from a sequencer (either computer-based or hardware-based, such as an MV-8000), you must turn the Remote Keyboard Switch off:

1. Press [MENU]. Cursor down to MIDI and press [ENTER].

2. Press [F4]- MIDI Rx.

3. Set the Remote Keyboard Switch parameter OFF.

4. Press [F6]- System Write to save your settings.

5. In the MODE section, press [PATCH/SAMPLE]. You'll see a list of the MC-909's sixteen different parts. Part 1 will always respond to MIDI channel 1, Part 2 responds to MIDI channel 2, and so on.