VS-2480CD, VS-2480: Settng up a De-esser effect

Tags: vs-2480,vs-2480cd,effect,de-esser
Although there is no specific effect patch for de-essing, Preset 022 (Vocal Multi) may be modified for that purpose. Use the following procedure to modify an effects preset to serve as a De-esser (in this example, Effect 1 is already set up as Preset 022):

1. Press DISPLAY(HOME) to start from the main screen.

2. Press EFFECT. Press F1(FX1) to choose the first effects processor.

3. Press F3(EDIT) to edit the chosen effects patch. Press F2(Next->) to get to the next section of the effect.

4. "[Vocal Multi] lmt" is displayed. CURSOR to the "Mode" option and choose "De-esser" with the TIME/VALUE dial.

5. Further adjstments for the De-esser effect (Sens and Freq) are now displayed. use CURSOR and the TIME/VALUE dial to change the values.