FR-8X: How to edit an accordion sound

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FR-8X: How to edit an accordion sound

Unlike an acoustic accordion, the Roland FR-8X accordion provides easy customizability.  One of the most unique features is that you can edit the accordion sounds by digitally changing which reeds are being used.

If you’re unhappy with the default accordion sounds that come programmed in your V-accordion, or if you just want to get creative and funky, this is a parameter you need to check out!

To access the accordion edit parameter, follow this procedure:

1) Press the menu button

2) Use the data/enter knob to scroll down one menu, so it says Accordion edit with a #2 in the top right hand corner.

3) Press the data/enter knob to enter into the accordion edit parameters.

4) Here you will find 8 different edit pages by scrolling with the data/enter knob.  

5) You can change the reed type or register, you can add effects, you can edit and control those effects, and you can adjust the controllers.

6) Once you’ve built the perfect accordion for yourself, you can save that sound as a set or user program.*


*Remember that if you don't save your changes before turning the accordion off, all of your edits will be lost.  Be sure to save your accordion set before powering off if you want the changes to stay.  For help on this procedure, please refer to this article: FR-8X: Saving a Set