MC-80, MC-80EX: Inserting GM Reset (GM On) message in the MC-80

Tags: reset,on,mc-80,gm,mc-80ex
When creating Standard MIDI Files it is wise to insert a "GM Reset" message at the beginning of the song. This ensures that the receiving MIDI sound module will play back in it's GM Mode.

Use the following procedure to insert a "GM Reset" message:

1. Select a song and load it into the internal memory if necessary.
2. Press TOP to rewind to measure 1.
3. Press F4 [MICRO].
4. Press F1 [Create].
5. Use VALUE dial to select "SysEx(GM On)."
6. Press F6 [Execute].
7. Press EXIT to go back to the internal song.

Note: When you save the song it will now have the GM reset message.