VS-1880, VS-1680, VS-1824CD: How to operate the Stereo linked tracks when CH LINK is turned off?

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When turning off CHANNEL LINK for any of the tracks that default as linked stero tracks such as tracks 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15/16... Be sure to Hold SHIFT everytime you want to access anything to do with CH EDIT, Routing signal, FADER movements, and STATUS for the even numbered track.

If you turn Channel LINK off on tracks 11/12, then the operation of anything to do with track 11 is done normally. However, If you decided to record on track 12, you must be HOLDING SHIFT the entire time you do anything regarding track 12.

Example 1: To arm track 12 to record, you must hold SHIFT while pressing the STATUS button, otherwise you are actually arming track 11.

Example 2: To adjust the playback volume on track 12, you must HOLD SHIFT while you move the fader, otherwise you are changing the fader value for track 11.

Notice that on the TRACK SELECT/CH EDIT buttons for the default linked tracks that 12, 14, 16, are all in a small white box. This means that it is a secondary button which means you have to HOLD Shift to access that secondary button.