GR-20: Using the Tuner

Tags: tuning,gr-20
It’s important to tune your guitar accurately so the GR-20 can operate efficiently. Use the following steps to tune your guitar:

1. Press TUNER so it is lit.
Note: Immediately after pressing TUNER, two numbers will show briefly in the display representing the reference pitch. By default, the GR-20 is set to 440Hz which is shown as “40” in the display.

2. If desired, you can select a different reference pitch (427Hz – 452Hz) by turning the NUMBER/VALUE dial.

3. Play the 1st (High E) string (unfretted) repeatedly.

4. Tune the guitar so that only the green indicator under “SW MODE” is lit and the display shows “E”. (The display should show “E” if you are close to the correct pitch. If a different letter is in the display, continue tuning the string until “E” shows up).
Note: If the red indicators under “PATCH LINK SETUP” or “MIDI CH” light, the string is too sharp. If the red indicators under “SIGNAL” or “OUTPUT LINE/AMP” light, the string is too flat.

5. Repeat the process for each of the remaining strings.

6. Press TUNER so it is not lit or EXIT when finished.