How to wirelessly connect the LX-15e to an iOS device

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To connect your LX-15e to an iOS device, you will need the following items:

- WNA-1100RL or WNA-150 Netgear Wireless adapter

- iOS Device (iPad, iPhone)

- LX-15e


Please use the following instructions to make a proper wireless connection:

1) Plug your WNA-1100RL or WNA 150 USB adapter into the LX-15E.

2) Enter Function mode by pressing the [key touch] button and the [Transpose] button at the same time.

3) Scroll through the parameters, using the [Slow/Fast] arrows, until you see "Wireless" on the screen, and press the [Song] button

4) Use the [Slow/Fast] arrow buttons to select "Option", and then press the [Song] button

5) Use the [Slow/Fast] arrow buttons to select "Ad-Hoc", and then press the [Song] button.

6) Press the [Fast] arrow button to turn the Ad-Hoc Mode "on"

7) Once in Ad-Hoc Mode, the Ad-Hoc SSID will show "LX-15E".  Press the [Fast] arrow button again to display the "Ad-Hoc" key (a five number code). This number code will be the WiFi password you will use to create a wireless connection between your iOS device and the piano. Write this number down.

8) On your iOS device, go into the WiFi settings menu and choose the "LX-15E" network.  Enter the 5 digit ad-hoc key (from step 7) as the password to the network.

9) Exit out of the WiFi screen and pull up the Roland app you would like to use, press "Connect Instrument", and select LX-15E.  You should be wirelessly connected and good to go!

10) Press the [Key Touch] button to exit Function mode

11) When you want to end the Ad-Hoc mode connection, restore the iPad settings to their previous state.