HPi-50e: Editing and saving parameters in the Function Menu

Tags: parameters,functions,HPi-50e,memory backup

There are lots of fun parameters that you can edit in the HPi-50e.  These include tuning, pedal functionality, language selection, adjusting the display's brightness, adjusting the volume of an audio playback device, and much more!

To access these parameters, follow these instructions:

1) While holding down the [Key touch] button, press the [transpose] button.

2) Use the up and down arrow cursor buttons until you see the name of the parameter that you'd like to edit

3) Use the left and right cursor buttons to edit that parameter.


Once you have edited a parameter, you have to perform a memory backup in order for them to be recalled once the power has been turned off and back on again. To save these settings,  follow this memory backup procedure:

1) Enter the function menu by pressing the [key touch] button and the [transpose] button,

2) Use the up and down cursor buttons until you have highlighted the parameter called "memory backup"

3) Press the right arrow cursor button

4) Choose "execute", and press the open Circle button.