VS-880: Recording from a Digital Source in Input-Track Mode

Tags: input,vs-880,recording,digital
The VS-880 has coaxial S/PDIF connections for recording to or from a digital source, such as a DAT machine. Use the following procedure to record digitally onto tracks 1 and 2 on the VS-880 in Input-Track mode:

1. Power on and connect the digital out of your source device to the digital in of the VS-880. We recommend using a cable designed specifically for digital recording.

2. From the PLAY/DISPLAY screen, hold SHIFT and press SONG. The sample rate of the current song will be displayed under "SYNC MODE." Make sure that it matches the sample rate of the source device. If it does not, you will need to create or select a song that does. Also, make sure that VARI PITCH is not lit.

3. Press SYSTEM until "SYS System PRM?" is displayed and press YES. "SYS MasterClk= INT" will be displayed. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial clockwise so that "DIGITL" flashes on the screen, followed by "Digital In Lock."

4. Press the CH EDIT 1 button, then hold SHIFT and press CH EDIT 1 [Input/Buss]. "CH1 Input= " will be displayed.

5. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select "DIGITAL-L."

6. Press CH EDIT 2 and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select "DIGITAL-R."

7. Press the STATUS buttons on tracks 1 and 2 until they flash red (Record). Press REC and PLAY on the VS-880 to begin recording and start playing your source device.