TD-3, V-COMPACT-SET: Setting the Trigger Type for a Pad

Tags: sensitivity,td-3,v-compact-set
The TD-3 is compatible with all of Roland's pads. For optimum trigger results, it's best to match the proper trigger type with the type of pad being used. Use the following steps to select the trigger type for a pad in the TD-3:

1. Press and hold LEVEL/PAN then press TEMPO.

2. Release LEVEL/PAN and TEMPO, then hit the pad to be set.

3. Press the + or - buttons to select the desired trigger type:

PD-8 = "Pd8".
PD-6/7/9 = "Pd".
PD-80/80R/100 = "80r".
PD-120 = "105".
PD-105 PD-125 = "125".
KD-8= "Yd8".
KD-7, KD-80, KD-120 = "Yd".
CY-8 = "Cy8".
CY-6, CY-12R/C, CY-12H, CY-14C, CY-15R = "Cy".
RT-7K = "t7y".
RT-5S = "t5S".
RT-3T = "t3t".

Repeat steps 2-3 for any remaining pads that need to be set.

4. Press DRUM KIT when finished. The settings are stored automatically.