SPD-S: Using TAP TEMPO to Control the Tempo of a Wave.

Tags: bpm,spd-s
It is possible to tap on a pad and control the tempo of a wave in a Patch. This type of setup involves setting up one pad to be the "Tap Tempo" pad, and other pads so they respond to the tempo. Use the following steps to create this type of setup in a Patch:

1. Press the + or - button to select a desired Patch to work with. Preferably, you'll want to select a patch that contains the desired waves already assigned.

2. Press SETUP.

3. Press PAGE right to select "CONTROL SW."

4. Press ENTER.

5. Hit the pad that you want to use as your tap tempo pad.
You can also select the pad manually by holding SHIFT and pressing the PAGE right or left button.

6. Press the (+) button to select "TAP TEMPO".

7. Press EXIT twice.

Now we'll assign the desired pad(s) to respond to tap tempo, by setting the "Tempo Sync" switch to "ON."

1. Press EDIT.

2. Press PAGE right to select "PAD CONTROL."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Press PAGE right to select "Tempo Sync."

5. Hit the pad that you want to control the tempo of.

6. Press (+) to select "ON."

7. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 for any remaining pads if desired.

8. Press EXIT twice when finished. The new settings will be saved automatically in the Patch.

Now try out the Tap Tempo feature;
For the tempo to be changed, you must be in the "SYNC TEMPO" menu;
1. Press EDIT.
2. Press PAGE right to select "PATCH COMMON."
3. Press ENTER - "Sync Tempo" shows in the display.
Now hit the pad that you assigned to be your "tap tempo" pad in a rhythm to the desired tempo (BPM). The Tempo Sync value in the display will correspond to the rhythm you've tapped in.
Now hit the pad that you set the Tempo Sync switch to "On" for (Step 6 above). The wave on that pad will be playing at the new tempo. If you want to try a different tempo, hit the pad to stop the wave from playing, tap in a different tempo (with the tap tempo pad), and then start the wave again.
Note; The tap tempo feature will only change the tempo within a certain range of the original tempo of the wave. If you would like to adjust the tempo beyond the range allowed for a wave, consider resampling it so the original tempo is closer to the desired BPM.