VS-2480, VS-2480CD, VS-2480DVD: Importing a .WAV File

Tags: .wav,cd,export,import,computer,file,disc,wav

The VS-2480 allows you to import WAV files burned onto a CD (e.g. from your computer) into any track(s) of your choice. The following will guide you through this process.

  1. Insert the .WAV file CD into the CD-R/RW drive.
  2. Press the CD-RW/MASTERING button.
  3. Press F4 (WaveImp)- the WAV IMPORT screen is displayed.
  4. Press F5 (CHGDIR) to access the .WAV file contained in a folder (if applicable).
  5. Using the CURSOR buttons or the TIME/VALUE dial, highlight the .WAV file you want to import.
    Note: You may Press F2 (PreViw) to audition the .WAV file.  
  6. Press F5 (SELECT) - the WAV IMPORT Destination screen is displayed.
  7. CURSOR to the "TRACK" parameter and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired destination track(s).
    Note: The WAV Import function will allow for no more than one WAV file (mono or stereo) to be imported at one time. 
  8. CURSOR DOWN to the "TO" box and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired time the .WAV file should start on the destination track(s). 
  9. CURSOR LEFT to the "CONVERT TYPE" box and select "Normal" with the TIME/VALUE dial for the best sound quality.
  10. Press F5 (OK) to import the .WAV file.