VM-3100: EQ -- Using the EQ Library

Tags: vm-3100
Yet another convenient feature of the VM-3100 is its EQ Library. The VM-3100
provides 16 preset EQ settings for different instrument treatments. In
addition, the VM-3100 provides 16 locations for you to store your own custom EQ
settings for use on other mixer Scenes that you are working on.

As an example, we will start by selecting a preset from the EQ Library that is
specific for overhead drum mics called, '07 Overhead'. We will add this to
Channel One for use on the drummer's overhead mics:

1) Make sure you are at the main mixer display. If not, press [LEVEL
2) Press [F1-F4 ON/OFF].
3) Press [F4(EQ)] to select the EQ settings page.
4) Press [F4] to turn the EQ on for the channel.
5) Press [F1-F4 ON/OFF].
6) Press [F1(LOAD)]. The 'LOAD EQ LIB' display will open.
7) Press [F1] until you select '>User' in the display.
8) Press the [SELECT] button for the channel that you want to add an EQ preset
9) Use the VALUE dial to select '07 Overhead'.
10) Press [ENTER/YES(REDO)] to select the EQ preset.
11) 'ARE YOU SURE' will appear in the display. Press [ENTER/YES(REDO)] to
confirm the selection.
12) The EQ preset has now been added to the channel.