RD-700NX: Formatting a USB Memory Stick

Tags: format,usb,rd-700nx
Use the following procedure to format a USB memory stick for use with the RD-700NX.

1. Press MENU so it lights.

2. Use the arrow cursor buttons to select "5. File."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Use the arrow cursor buttons to select "6. Format."

5. Press the flashing ENTER button.

6. Press the LAYER EDIT button to select "[USB]" near the top of the display.

Caution: If you select "[INT]" you'll format (and erase) the RD-700NX's internal memory instead of your memory stick.

7. Press ENTER twice to begin formatting the memory stick. "Executing.." is displayed as the format process takes place.

Note: Do not turn the keyboard off while formatting is underway—this could damage the memory stick.

8. When the formatting procedure is finished, the display returns to the EDIT FILE menu. Press the EXIT button twice to return to the main display.