Discover 5m, Discover 5: Adding New Songs To Smart Media Card Using a PC Card Reader

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Use the following procedure to add new songs (Standard MIDI Files) to the Smart Media card using your computer and a Smart Media card reader:

NOTE: If you are using the supplied Discover 5 Smart Media card, proceed to step #1. If you are using a new Smart Media card, it must first be formatted in the Discover 5 before proceeding to step #1.

1. Put all new Standard MIDI Files into the Smart Media card "Put New Songs Here" folder.

NOTE: The song files must contain 8 characters or less and be in ALL CAPS, including the ".MID" file extension. Any spaces must contain an underscore "_".

2. Put the card into the Discover 5 card slot. "Reading SMART MEDIA . . ." will be displayed.

3. When the display shows "SMART MEDIA CONTAINS NEW FILES...," press "Update the DATABASE" on the touch screen to register the new songs.

4. When the display shows "Do all files with same names HAVE TO BE REPLACED? THE SONG IN RAM WILL BE ERASED?" press "YES" on the touch screen. 'Updating DBase..." will be displayed. When the process is completed, the main Discover screen will return.