Fantom X6, Fantom X7, Fantom X8: How do I get my song into the computer?

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Songs created within the Fantom X are not audio; they're a special sort of MIDI file that your computer cannot accurately recreate.

There are two ways to get the sound of your Fantom X song into a computer for burning or uploading to the web:


1. Connect the A MIX (L&R) 1/4" outputs from the Fantom X to the audio input of your computer. Ideally, you'll want to use a dedicated audio interface, but most computers include an 1/8" stereo input.
2. Record the sound of the Fantom X to an audio track within some sort of audio recording software. Most Macs include GarageBand and PCs can use free software such as Audacity (


IMPORTANT: The Fantom X comes stock with 32MB of RAM and storage. This allows you to record 3 minutes of stereo audio. To capture longer songs, you must expand the Fantom X's RAM and storage.

1. Load your song.
2. Press SONG EDIT.
3. Press F3 (Audio Track).
4. Hold SHIFT and press F1 (Mixdown).
5. Press F8 (Start).
6. When the song has finished, press WRITE.
7. Press F3 (Sample) and follow the prompts to save your sample to either the internal storage or PC card.
8. Press EXIT.
9. Attach the Fantom X to your computer via USB. Make sure Windows Media Player is NOT open.
10. Press MENU, select USB Storage, and press ENTER.
11. Press F3 (Internal) or F6 (Memory Card) to access the Fantom X's storage from your computer. On a PC, the Fantom drive will appear within "My Computer". On a Mac, the Fantom drive will appear on the desktop.
12. Double-click the Fantom drive.
13. Double-click the ROLAND folder.
14. Double-click the SMPL folder.
15. Drag the audio file from the folder to your desktop.
16. Eject the Fantom's drive from your computer. On a PC, right-click the Fantom drive and select "Eject". On a Mac, drag the Fantom drive to the trash.