TD-30KV, TD-30K, TD-30: Selecting Drum Kits

Tags: patch,td-30kv,td-30k,td-30
There are 100 drum kits in the TD-20 (80 preset/20user). Kits contain selections of different instruments assigned to the pads as well as effects and other various settings.
To select different kits;

1. Press KIT so it’s lit.

2. Turn the big dial or press the+/- buttons to select a kit. If you hold the SHIFT button while turning the dial or pressing the +/- buttons the kits will change in increments of ten.
Tip; For a different list view of the kits, press the F1 button below the display. You can then press the F1 or F2"PAGE" buttons to scroll through the kits in groups of ten.