Using the UNDO Feature

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,vs-2480cd,vsr-880,vs-2000,vs-1680,vs-1880,vs-880,vs-890,redo,undo,vs-1824cd
Each time you record a track, you are using up the time available [memory] on your hard drive. If you were to begin recording a track, and then make a mistake, it is possible to "Undo" any part of the most recent recording. Doing so will remove the recorded data, use less HD space, and reduce fragmentation.

To use UNDO:
1. Press STOP so the recorder is not playing.

2. Press the UNDO/REDO button. The different levels of undo show in the display.

3. Press Enter/Yes to execute the UNDO. This will undo the most recent recording.

IMPORTANT: Choosing to UNDO 1 level will remove the most recent RECORDING or TRACK EDITS, such as TRACK COPY/CUT/ERASE/INSERT/XCHG/MOVE. If you turn the VALUE dial to select "level-2," you will undo the last two times you recorded or performed a track edit. Be careful when using undo, in that you could possibly "UNDO" your entire song if you select levels of Undo than planned.

The REDO feature can be accessed if you hold SHIFT and press the UNDO/REDO button, and only allows the VERY LAST "UNDO" to be brought back, and has no access to multiple levels of REDO.

If you OPTIMIZE your song, all levels of UNDO/REDO are completely erased and wiped clear from ever accessing them again, thus giving you more recording time.