CD-2i: SYMPTOM: "SD Card Busy" Message Appears

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Receiving an "SD Card Busy" message indicates that the SD memory card has accumulated fragmentation. To resolve fragmentation on an SD memory card, you will need to write/burn any card data that you need to CD and then format the SC card. Formatting will erase all data on the SD memory but will defragment the card. The following steps will guide you through the procedures necessary to alleviate a fragmented SD memory card:

How to Write From the SD Card to CD

  1. Insert the fragmented SD card into the CD-2i's SD card slot.
  2. Press EASY GUIDE.
  3. CURSOR to “3. Write (SD-CD)”.
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. Insert a Blank CD-R.
  6. Once the CD-2e has finished checking the CD, press ENTER twice.
  7. After the files are written, press ENTER two times to finalize the disc.

Formatting an SD Memory Card

  1. Press MENU.
  2. CURSOR to the right several times to “Format?
  3. Press ENTER 3 times.