CDX-1: Recording a Pad/Sequence to Stereo Audio Tracks

Tags: sequence,audio,tracks,pad,recording,bounce,cdx-1
1. Press SEQ PLAY in the Pad Recording section. It should turn green.

2. Select the sequencing tracks you wish to record to the audio tracks by cursoring to the TRK SEL box in the SEQ PLAY LIST. Press RIGHT CURSOR to darken the box.

3. Press PLAY to playback the sequence and use the PAD/SEQ LEVEL fader to adjust the volume of the sequence.

4. Use the MASTER fader to adjust the record level.

5. When the desired levels are achieved, press the STOP button.

6. In the Audio CD section, press the BOUNCE button. It should turn green.

7. Now press the STATUS button for the desired audio recording tracks. They should be flashing red. NOTE: you cannot arm tracks for recording if you chose the corresponding sequencer tracks to play back in step 2. (example: if you chose sequence track A to play back, you cannot arm CD-RW track 1&2 for recording).

8. If the desired recording starts at the beginning of the song, press the ZERO button. Otherwise, use FF and/or REW to move to the location that you wish to record.

9. Press REC. This will set the audio track into record-ready mode.

10. To begin recording, press PLAY.

11. To stop recording, press STOP.

12. At this time the, CDX-1 will ask if you want to "Keep the take?". Press YES/ENTER.

13. To listen to the bounce, press the SEQ PLAY button so that it turns off.

14. Press ZERO to return to the beginning of the song.

15. Press PLAY to listen to the recorded audio tracks.