CD-2e: Dividing One Recording into Multiple Files

Tags: cd,split,divide

If you have one recording file that you would like to separate into multiple files, you may use the CD-2e’s Divide function to divide a file into two files (one file with just one recording and the second file with the remaining recordings). You can then perform the divide function again for the second file and repeat this process until you have all of the recordings separated/divided into individual files.

File Divide:

  1. Use the [ ] or [ ] button to select the track you want to edit.
  2. Press the [MENU] button and then use the left or right CURSOR arrow buttons to select “Divide?”
  3. Press ENTER.
  4. Press the [ ] button to find the place at which you want to split/divide the recording.
  5. At the approximate location at which you want to divide the song (the dividing point), press the [ ] button. For example: If you have a recording that is 90 mins in length and need to burn it to CD, you can set the dividing point to "60:00" (60 mins or 1 hour) which will result in two files: one file with 60 mins and a second file with 30 mins. Each of these files can then be burned to their own CD.
     - If the song is long, you can fast-forward until you’re near the desired point.
     - Use the [+] [-] buttons to make detailed adjustments to the dividing point.
  6. Press ENTER.
  7. "Are you Sure?" will appear. Press ENTER to implement the DIVIDE function.
  8. You may now repeat the above steps for each second file that was created if you need to further divide.