BR-1200CD: Recording an External Audio Device (e.g. iPod or CD Player)

Tags: record,external,ipod,device,cd player,line in

The following article will guide you through recording audio to the BR-1200CD using the LINE IN connectors. This is useful when you would like to record "line-level" devices such as an iPod or a CD player.

  1. Connect the output of your external device to the LINE IN connectors of the BR-1200CD.
  2. Turn up the output volume on your external device.
    Note: If your external device's volume is too low, the BR-1200CD will not be able to record a clean, loud audio signal.
  3. Press the LINE input select button on the top left of the front panel.
  4. Press the COSM EFFECTS button until the light turns off.
  5. Turn the INPUT LEVEL knob to the 3 o'clock position (pointed to the right).
  6. Press the REC MODE button so that INPUT is illuminated. 
    Note: Be sure that BOUNCE or MASTERING is not illuminated.
  7. Press the record button beneath the track that you would like to record to. The track button will begin blinking.
  8. Press the REC button and the press PLAY to begin recording.
  9. Begin playing audio from your external device. Viewing the audio meter on the BR-1200CD's screen, the level above "IN" on the bottom left of the screen should average around -12 on the meter. If audio is averaging well below this, raise the output volume of your external audio device.
  10. Press the STOP button to end recording.
  11. Press and hold the STOP button and then press the REC button. "Are you sure?" is displayed on the screen.
  12. Press ENTER to store the project.