R-5: Controlling From an External Sequencer (Slave Mode)

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The R-5 can be controlled by an external sequencer for recording purposes. Used
in this way, playback on the R-5 will start only if the external sequencer is
started first. Use the following procedure to set the R-5 into "slave" mode:

1) Press [SONG PLAY] to get into Song Play mode or [PATTERN PLAY] to get into
Pattern Play mode.
2) If necessary stop the current Pattern or Song if it is playing.
3) Hold [SHIFT] and press Pad [16 (SYNC)].
4) Use the [VALUE -1/OFF] / [+1/ON] or the VALUE SLIDER to select "MIDI."
5) Press [ENTER] to return to the previous display.
6) Press [START/STOP]. Notice that the R-5 will not start playing the pattern
until it is started from the "master" MIDI device.
7) Start your external device and the R-5 will start playing in sync with your