CDX-1: Sampling from a CD in the CDX-1

Tags: cd,audio,pad,sample,cdx-1
Use the following procedure to sample from an audio CD to a pad in the CDX-1:

1. Insert the audio CD into the CDX-1.

2. Press the PAD REC button in the Pad Recording section. It should start flashing along with the designated pad.

3. If necessary, press a pad to change the sampling destination.

4. Press PLAY to playback the audio CD.

5. While listening, adjust the master fader for the recording level that you desire. Try adjusting the recording level so that it is as close to the dotted line as possible without exceeding it.

6. When the desired level is achieved, press STOP.

7. Return to the beginning of the audio you want to record.

8. Press PLAY to playback the audio CD.

9. To start recording, press PAD REC.

10. To stop recording, press PAD REC.

11. To stop playback of the audio CD, press STOP.