Understanding Your VS: MIC THEORY- Mic Placement

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Mic Placement:

Here are a few techniques, or guidelines, for microphone placement, but don’t be afraid to try new things!

Four fundamental styles for miking a sound source:

Close miking- 1”-3’ from the sound source creates a tight, up-front sound quality and excludes the acoustic environment.

Distance miking- Distancing the microphone 3’ or more from the sound source captures less of the direct sound and more of the acoustic environment. This is helpful when recording horn sections or choirs.

Accent miking- Usually this type of miking is utilized for a soloist and the placement is typically left up to the engineer’s discretion. A good accent miking should add presence to the soloist without changing the tonal quality, as well as, the balance in the mix or ensemble.

Ambient miking- An ambient miking is one that’s designed to pickup more of the room or environment sound then the actual sound source. Usually a stereo pair is used for this and then mixed in later with the close-miked microphones.