Juno-G: Recording Built-in Rhythm Patterns to the Sequencer

Tags: rhythm,pattern,group,juno-g
1. Press [RHYTHM PATTERN] to turn the rhythm guide on.

2. Use the VALUE DIAL to select the desired Rhythm Group. Use [F1]-[F6] to play the various rhythms within the group. Select the rhythm with which you wish to start your song.

3. Press [STOP].

4. Press [REC]. After the "Count In" parameter, select OFF.

5. Press [F6]- START. The rhythm pattern selected in step 2 will automatically begin playing.

6. If you'd like to switch patterns in real time, press [EXIT] and then [F1]-[F6].

7. Press [STOP].

Note that the actual note information within the rhythm patterns gets recorded to track 10. It can then be quantized or edited independently.