ME-70, me70: Using the Phrase Looper

Tags: recorder,recording,looping,me-70,me70
You can record up to 38 seconds of a performance and play back the recorded section over and over. You can also layer additional performances with the recording as it plays back, this is called "overdubbing". Here's how:

1. Turn the DELAY TYPE knob to select "PHRASE LOOP" - the red indicator on the DELAY pedal begins flashing.

2. Press the DELAY pedal to start recording - the red indicator becomes solid and recording begins. Play your performance.

3. When you're finished, press the DELAY pedal again to end the recording - the new phrase will begin to play back.

4. To overdub, press the DELAY pedal again.

5. To stop the phrase, press the DELAY pedal twice. The phrase is erased.

6. To record a new phrase, follow steps 1-4.