GT-10: Editing a Patch

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Within a GT-10 patch, any effect and/or amp model can be easily edited or “tweaked” to sound exactly the way you want. In the example below we’ll turn on and tweak the delay, but you can use the same procedure for reverb, chorus, preamp, FX-1, FX-2, and so on.

1. Select a patch you want to edit.

2. Press the DELAY button until it lights up and delay parameters appear in the display 2 screen. (If the delay button is already lit, you only need to press DELAY once).

There are two editing views available in the GT-10: Knob view and List view. Press the DISPLAY MODE button to toggle between the two. Let’s select the Knob view to start out, because knobs are easy and intuitive to work with.

Note: There are some parameters that are only available in the List view. When you’re in Knob view, you can use the DISPLAY MODE button to toggle in and out of List view.
Use the realtime knobs under the virtual knobs in the display to change your delay settings as desired.

Tip: The cursor buttons on either side of the big dial sometimes reveal additional editing pages.

3. Press the WRITE button.
Turn the big dial to select a user patch location, from U01-1 to U50-4.

4. Press the WRITE button again to finish saving your patch.