VS-2400CD, VS-2400: Exporting Tracks as .WAV files

Tags: .wav,export,vs-2400cd,track,files,protools

Most computer-based audio programs such as Cubase, Cakewalk, or ProTools, can import .WAV files. To export the VS-2400CD's audio tracks to these prgrams, use the Track Export feature. Use this procedure to export the audio tracks, blank space included, to th e.WAV file format on a data cd.

1. Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW into the cd burner.

2. Press the CD-RW MASTERING button. Press F5 (TrkExp) for "Track Export". The TRACK EXPORT "Select Track" screen is displayed.

3. This screen lists the tracks in the current song. The boxes to the left of the track represent recorded material. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to highlight the desired track. Press F4 (MARK) to select the track.

4. Once tracks are selected, press F5 (NEXT) to go to the TRACK EXPORT "CD burning" screen.

5. All previously marked tracks should be listed under SOURCE in the "Track" box. CURSOR to the "Verify" box and switch it to "On".

6. CURSOR DOWN to "CD Speed" and use the TIME/VALUE dial to select "MAX".

7. Press F5 (OK) to begin exporting the tracks as .WAV files to CD.

NOTE: To export a portion of the track, use the PHRASE EXPORT feature described on page 347 of the VS2400CD Owner's Manual.