R-09HR: Creating a Folder

Tags: new,location,r-09hr,directory,root
Creating folders in the R-09HR can help by keeping your recordings organized. Use the following steps to create a new folder:

1. Press the FINDER button.

2. Press the PLAY/PAUSE (CURSOR UP) button to select "Root."

3. Press the REC button.

4. Press the STOP (CURSOR DOWN) button to select "Make Folder."

5. Press REC twice - "New Folder" will appear in the display.

6. If you want to select the folder for your next recordings to go in, cursor down to "New Folder" and press REC.

7. Cursor to "Select" and press REC. Now any new recordings will be put into the new folder.

8. When you're finished, press the FINDER button to return to the main menu.