Wireless Connect, WNA1100: Products Compatible with Wireless Connect (WNA1100)

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The WNA1100-RL is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter for Roland Wireless Connect. Roland Wireless Connect is an innovative system that allows Roland electronic musical instruments to communicate wirelessly with the iPhone. Consisting of a wireless USB adapter and IOS apps (Air Recorder and V-Drums® Friend Jam), Roland Wireless Connect makes it easy for Roland users to enjoy their instruments with the Apple iPhone.


BK-3 - Initial Version

BK-5 - v1.03 and up

Integra-7 - Initial Version

JUNO-Di - v1.10 and up

JUNO-Gi - v1.10 and up

JUPITER-80 - v 2.10 and up

JUPITER-50 - v1.10 and up

Lucina AX-09 - v1.10 and up


TD-30 - v1.10 and up

TD-15 - v1.10 and up

TD-11 - v1.10 and up


FR-1x / xb - v1.05 and up