VS-1680: Checking Insert Effects

Tags: vs-1680
Effects that have been inserted into channels/tracks can now be confirmed
through icons and patch names.

1) Press [SELECT] for the channel to which you wish to apply an effect.
2) Press [PAGE] so that [F1] indicates "Ef1In," and then press [F1 (Ef1In)].

Note: If you wish to insert EFX2-4, press F2[Ef2In], [F3 Ef3In)], or [F4
(Ef4In)] respectively.

3) Press [YES].
4) Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select how the effect will be inserted. At this
time you can view the effect as an icon and as a patch name (up to ten
5) Press [PLAY (DISPLAY)]. You will return to Play condition.