VS-2400CD: Importing a .WAV file

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The VS-2400's .WAV Import feature allows you to load computer format (PCM) audio files from a data CD. This feature only recognizes the ISO9660 standard-format cd's. Both Mac and PC can create cd's in this format with the proper cd-burning software. If the .WAV file is at a different sampling rate (44.1kHz) than the project, then the file's sound may change when it's imported.

1. Insert the .WAV file CD into the CD-R/RW drive.

2. Press the CD-RW/MASTERING button.

3. Press F4 (WaveImp)- the WAV IMPORT screen is displayed.

4. Press F5 (CHGDIR) to access the .WAV file contained in a folder. Press F2 (PreViw) to audition the .WAV file. Using the CURSOR buttons or the TIME/VALUE dial, highlight the .WAV file you want to import.

5. Press F5 (SELECT) - the WAV IMPORT Destination screen is displayed.

6. CURSOR to the TRACK parameter and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired destination L/R (if stereo) tracks.

7. CURSOR DOWN to the TO box and turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the desired time the .WAV file should start on the destination track(s).

8. CURSOR LEFT to the CONVERT TYPE box and select "Normal" with the TIME/VALUE dial for the best sound quality.

9. Press F5 (OK) to import the .WAV file.