RD-300NX: Storing A Live Set

Tags: rd-300nx
Use the following procedure to store a live set on the RD-300NX.

1. Press the WRITE button so it lights.

2. To name your live set, use the left and right arrow buttons to move the cursor to each character position in turn.

3. Use the DEC and INC buttons to select the desired character in each position.

4. Press the down arrow button to highlight the live set destination number and use the DEC and INC buttons to select a memory location from 1 to 60 in which to save your live set.

5. Press ENTER to display "Are You Sure?"

Caution: The live set currently stored in the selected location will be overwritten.

6. Press ENTER again to display "Executing...."

7. The display returns to normal when the live set’s been stored.